Hongkun Group was established in Beijing in 2002 as a real estate-based organization with a mission to improve the lives of the people we serve. After 16 years of development, Hongkun has matured into a leading management holding group; utilizing real estate as a vehicle to promote synergies across financial markets, service groups, and supply channel industries, Hongkun unlocks value for communities beyond that of an ordinary developer.

Hongkun Group is supported by four pillar business groups, Hongkun Real Estate, Hongkun Capital, Hongkun Culture & Tourism, and Hongkun Business Park Group, which are integrated but independently-operated. Pooling the vast resources of these diversified, but synergistic business segments Hongkun builds innovative solutions that maximize community welfare. With our continued investment in technology and innovation, as well as accumulated resources gained through public and private partnerships, Hongkun is able to touch every aspect of life for individuals we serve, delivering live, work, and play spaces, community services, urban transport solutions, investment products and beyond.

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Organization Structure

Organization Structure

Core Business Groups

Hongkun Group functions as a management holding company, supported by four pillar business groups, Hongkun Real Estate, Hongkun Capital, Hongkun Business Park Group, and Hongkun Culture & Tourism.

Hongkun Capital

Hongkun Capital was founded in 2007, to revitalize China's financial services industry through innovation-driven products and services. It encompasses the fund and investment arms of Hongkun Group which link strategic investment to our real estate assets, positioning it as a key vehicle for our organization's growth. Encompassing multiple touchpoints such as the wealth management group as well as a community fintech investment platform, Hongkun Capital also creates new opportunities to cultivate customer engagement and deepen brand loyalty. Hongkun Capital is organized into three functional groups, Yirun Investment, Hongkun Fund, and Hongkun Wealth Management, which bring different nodes of value to our customer community.

To learn more, please visit www.HongkunCapital.com.

Hongkun Business Park Group

Hongkun Business Park Group is the industrial real estate function of our company. Our industrial facilities focus on specialized and strategic growth industries, and each park deploys an industry-oriented design plan for its physical and infrastructure foundation. Hongkun's industrial parks each create a sharing economy platform that bridges resource networks, innovation capacities and social channels between our company, tenants, and external partners. In this way, our parks support community cohesion, thereby unlocking synergies that maximize shared value. Hongkun Business Parks has developed 10 industrial parks and facilities across major cities and regions in China. The group has garnered numerous awards from the central government and industry leaders, having been listed in recent years among the top 30 industrial park operators in China.

Hongkun Culture & Tourism Group

Hongkun Culture & Tourism is an innovative culture and tourism services company. Like our other business lines, the group functions as a synergistic piece of for our organization, positioned to give and receive resources across Hongkun's diversified businesses. Primarily focused on consumer experiences and services, Hongkun Culture & Tourism is a strategic business vehicle, able to deliver community value beyond what can be achieved through property-building alone. It complements our real estate assets in various ways, from adding service components to our residential communities, to supporting social programs and initiatives that breathe life into our recreational, retail, and community facilities.

Hongkun Real Estate Group

Founded in 2002 as Hongkun Group's core business, Hongkun Real Estate has matured into a major developer with expertise in residential and commercial real estate development and property management services. Since our establishment, we have expanded our footprint to over 10 cities and provinces in China as well as global markets in Europe and the US. Hongkun believes that real estate should resonate with the actual needs of people, so we construct "temperature-oriented" real estate products and services to satisfy diverse consumer preferences. In conjunction with Hongkun Business Park Group, we have built over 50 developments worldwide, across residential, commercial, and industrial formats. Hongkun has consistently been named a top developer in China over the last decade and has earned a spot on China's Top 10 Innovative Real Estate Developers list for the last two years.